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Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.

Subject: Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.
by 2010 on 6/6/2012 21:14:52

A lot of folk think its easy / simple to keep a fish, as you said there is more to it than meets the eye.

Pond filters do not have a "tolerance level" to allow for fish growth, since, as I have said it depends on the filter media as to how much the filter can cope with, also it depends on which fish you have and how fast / big they can grow.

But yes, always buy / make a filter that is bigger than you think you will ever need.

Resized Image

In no way am I suggesting you want a filter like the one above, I just chose it as it helps me to answer your question.

With this filter being as it is, the water stays in for a longer time than if it was smaller (Kind of obvious really) but it has more media, so it can be used for a big / high stock pond. So its not really a "balance" its to do with flow rate and "dwell time"
In most cases a box filter is fine so long as the flow rate is not too fast and the filter is big enough. (Which is where we started)

Oh, just out of curiosity......

Resized Image

Is how the above filter works. The round chamber on the right is called a vortex, the water really does rotate in it, and all most of the heavy stuff falls to the bottom, it then passes through each type of media in turn.

I just thought I would save you asking, and no, as I said before you really don't want one. (Too big and costs a lot)