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Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.

Subject: Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.
by ianbo on 31/12/2012 0:32:40

When I say capacity i should of said total volume of pond water but as 2010 said if you are not intending keeping koi then your fileration can be a bit smaller as there will be less waste produced. the small kockney koi fiberglass one would be ok also the blagdon force hybrid punp comes with a ball valve which means the water fow rate is adjustable and it is a good punp for handling solids.The only thing to bear in mind is that most of us fish keepers start wanting bigger and better fish in our ponds as the hobby gets hold of us.This is why I suggested to go for a filter capable of filering more than the volume of your pond.the better the filer the more fish stock you can keep. It all depends on how much you want to invest in your set up. do you think you will want to put koi in?