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Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.

Subject: Re: Help! My pond fish keep dying.
by 2010 on 30/12/2012 2:10:35

Bluechild wrote:
....does the 3500 have an adjustable flow-rate so that I can reduce it?

No, none of the aqumax pumps have a flow adjuster.

Bluechild wrote:
The description says it can handle ponds of 2500l with fish, but what amount of fish does this mean?

FIRST ONE up on google for this filter says "This filter will look after 107cm of fish, and has a maximum flow rate of 1100 lph."

Bluechild wrote:Hozelock Ecopower + 2500, does this pump water back up to the pond?

No. (There is no internal pump)

Bluechild wrote:
....Is the flow rate of the pump what governs the flow rate of the filter?

Not quite. The filter is designed to have a specific flow rate, its different for each filter. The pump has to be capable of sending the required flow rate to the filter AFTER the flow rate has been checked (Look on the box, or spec sheet)

Max Flow:
3600 litres / 792 gallons
Flow @ 0.5m: 2760 litres / 607 gallons
Flow @ 1.0m: 1920 litres / 422 gallons
Flow @ 1.5m: 1080 litres / 238 gallons
Flow @ 2.0m: 300 litres / 66 gallons

Info from HERE

So, using that info (and your 1m head height) You should get 1920 L / hour going into your filter.

!Your filter has a maximum flow rate of 1100 lph.