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Re: Tank swap.

Subject: Re: Tank swap.
by cathie on 31/3/2012 19:15:50

It is a complete nightmare, I often think about schemes for how best to do it. The trouble is that while adults and juveniles do generally dart into shells, the small fry hide between shells as JB says.

I have moved mine into different tanks a couple of times and each time have been left with fry in the original tank. Once I just gave up, and had the 2 tanks going together for a while - gave them some new shells, grew them on and gave them away (that had the advantage that at least I knew that tank was just juveniles of a similar age). They didn't seem to suffer from lack of parental care - plenty of food and no predators after all, though I can't attest to their psychological wellbeing!

The other time I moved all the adults in shells then spent hours catching the remaining fry and putting them in the new tank hoping for the best ... I don't know how they sorted themselves out but I did not end up with a mass of tiny corpses ... either they found the right parents, got adopted by others or were eaten

I suppose if you used a tank divider you might be able to ensure that any fry left behind in that area could be caught and allocated to the same area in the new tank - but the fry are so small that they would probably get round a divider??