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Tank swap.

Subject: Tank swap.
by Jellybean on 31/3/2012 17:31:54

Hi Guys, long time no post.

I have a cichlid tank (Neolamprologus Caudopunctatus, and Neolamprologus Multifasciatus) which holds 110ltr with a happy harmonious community; however that said, I now have Multifasciatus babies in most if not all of the shells and all of the caves (possibly as many as 40-50 babies, but it could be more) which leaves me massively overstocked should they all reach adult hood. I have no problem getting a bigger tank which im just doing at the moment. My problem is how do I transfer all the occupants over to the new tank and try to keep the babies with their respective mothers?

I need to house the new tank in the area currently occupied by the 110ltr.
So, any ideas how I go about the swap over, bearing in mind I need to transfer the majority of coral sand, chunks of coral and all the shells over with as little fuss as possible. I need to keep stress levels to a minimum with the adults who are extremely territorial and babies who are very vulnerable, and hard to see.