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Re: Cleaning small Pond

Subject: Re: Cleaning small Pond
by 2010 on 10/1/2012 21:13:56

More information please.

How big is it, L x W x D

If its a "natural pond" no filter, UV, pump will be required.

What is the "little water feature"? you mention, and used for what?

Cleaning, now is not really a good time (too cold) but if you must, then may I suggest that daft that it sounds, a plastic dustpan and brush will work wonders.

Take any plants out and stand in a container of pond water, bail or pump out what you have left, then use the dust pan and brush to get the sludge out, put it on the side of the pond so anything you didn't see can get back into the pond.

Refill, add dechlorinator and put the plants back.

How about a nice couple of pictures?


As an aisde, if a pump cable has been damaged, I would never suggest it be repaired, you can't change a submersible pump cable, (it's sealed) You can't use an ordinary connector (not suited)the pond cable repair "Kit" often leak as they are awkward to do right, a new pump is cheaper than a new life.