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Help on new tank stuff.

Subject: Help on new tank stuff.
by CB3100 on 21/11/2011 16:21:33

Hello everyone as some of you know the recent visit to aquatic's live has inspired me to set up a heavily planted shrimp tank. I have a 45L tank in the garage that is not being used for anything it has got a light in the lid but it is old and will need replacing it says on it 14w T8 don't know if that good enough? I want moss like ricca flutians and java moss on small rocks and bogwood with glossostigma covering the black substrate. I would want to try a CO2 system as I never used one before and want a good effect from the plants, I see there a few DIY set-ups out there. Has anyone used a DIY CO2 what would you recommend I looked at an article showing people how to make CO2 by placing 2 cups of sugar, tbl spoon of yeast and water in a 2ltr bottle attached to a bubble counter then to a diffuser in the tank. That sounds quite simple and cheap to me, but I was wondering would it be enough/too much CO2 is there anyway to control the amount going in to that i would need it to be? Am I right in saying that you don't leave the CO2 on all the time? As to shrimp I am thinking a mixture of Red cherry and Red crystal as long as they don't breed between cherry and crystal? Any help and advice would be great thanks!