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Re: Massive dilemma

Subject: Re: Massive dilemma
by Daisy on 21/11/2011 16:35:01

Kittycat, if he is sniffing the food and swimming off it's possible that he doesn't recognise it as food. If he has never been fed peas before he might not realise how delicious they are. Of course, he could be off his food because of poor health and I would always assume the worse, but just making a suggestion.

You're doing the right thing with getting him a bigger water volume..I would be doing 50% changes a day though just to be safe until you get a test kit so you know what state the water is in. You can get them in the LFS, or they are a fair bit cheaper online....if yo can get the liquid test kits rather than the papaer strip kits that would be better as they are more accurate.
Good luck with him :)