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Re: Massive dilemma

Subject: Re: Massive dilemma
by KittyKat on 20/11/2011 21:41:50

I got the zyme and coat in a bundle so may as well give it a go, I was having peas with my diner anyway and did the old peal and squish but nothing! Peas are like the miracle food of fish, I've NEVER had one turned down yet (not claiming to be an expert obviously). My other fail safe is live dapnhia but if he doesn't eat them it's gonna be one hell of a mess!
Think I'll go for daily 25-30% changes and not feed until Tuesday night, by then he should be feeling better, It's the strangest thing to see a goldie just sniff food and swim off. At least I know I've tried my best with him, can't see him surviving in a pond in the state he's in right now over the freezing winter.