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Re: Massive dilemma

Subject: Re: Massive dilemma
by Violet on 20/11/2011 20:32:55

Stress coat will deal with the chlorine and chloramine (as well as heavy metals) in the water, but I'd save your money and ditch the stress zyme.

This product suggests it's bacteria in a bottle, but given the bacteria you need a) require a constant food source and b) airated flow to remain alive, unlikely to be of use really as they get neither in a bottle A lot of people here have tried many kinds and they do not speed up the cycle. Say's it all really.

You could try Soll Bactinettes, they may help if you can find them in a fridge in a LFS. Tip off the liquid as ammonia heavy and add to the end of a pop sock for easy removal. These have helped for some when tanks crash, although my personal experience of them was poor

Daily water changes helped more in IMHO.

If using peas, zap in the microwave for 10/15 seconds in a spoon of water or so, pinch of the outer skin and mush the inside a bit, then add to tank. Most goldies love peas. Lack of food interest would be a bit worrying