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Re: Massive dilemma

Subject: Re: Massive dilemma
by KittyKat on 19/11/2011 23:14:19

I was just about to look on the wilko website for something like that, had a but of a eureka moment where I remembered reading on here about someone using one as a qt. 80ltr box Plus I won't have him permantenty (he's single tail) and this way when I get a new tank I wonks gave to worry about stripping down to set up for trips.
Filter is on again and he looks like he's on spin cycle bless him. I have no readings at all, I know for sure tank not cycled etc. Although the plant has given me some snails which are doing ok, I know mts are a sign of ok water quality but not sure about these. My water PH is always a stable 7.6.
What time of year is best to rehome to a pond? Obviously want to get him well and grown a little if possible first.