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Massive dilemma

Subject: Massive dilemma
by KittyKat on 19/11/2011 22:36:18

Hi guys, I know it's been a while since I last posted and PLEASE bear with me on this.
I acquired a fish on bonfire night, my friends little boy won him at a fair and his Mum was dead against it. I essentially had to chose take a fish you have no tank for or the fish gets "flushed".
That night I went to TESCO and got a 10l storage box for Rhod to go in overnight and some water conditioner, there was little option at 9pm on a Saturday. The following day I went to PAH and got the largest tank I could, 19l with filter bundle, I also got some oxygen weed (forgot the proper name) and a nice big rock for hiding. I set the tank up and used the appropriate amount of stresszyme an stress coat. The filter was far too powerful and the water just churned, PAH swapped it for one from their "children's tanks". Problem is, it still chuck Rhod about a bit. I took the filter out on Tuesday and perform daily 50-60% changes. Rhod looked like he had fin rot while the filter was in, I treated this but it was still bad, I'm now thinking it was stress as it improved once the filter was removed. Downside to no filter is the ammonia burns, there is no point checking water as i know it's nigh on impossible to regulate in such a small tank. These do appear to be slowly improving using stress coat and zyme with each water change. Anyhow, my question is this: Is it better to have the filter and him get sloshed about or leave it out and continue massive water changes?
Also, I haven't seen him eat in 8 days but he is not looking like he's losing weight. I'm only offering food every 2 days.

I KNOW he needs a bigger tank but until Feb when I move there is nothing I can do. I'm doing my best and I am on the lookout for another tank, even a 75l would be preferrable. I sold my 125l cold water planted set up in August (long story). I'm still in contact with the girl who brought it and the set up and fish are all doing REALLY well. Took me so long to get that how I wanted :(