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Re: What would you do??

Subject: Re: What would you do??
by jaspersdad on 16/11/2011 4:20:44

Hi V,

If you can manage it I think it would be great to save them. As you know I've saved a few in my time (two of my 5 are rescues), but if you do you need to be aware that if you take them it may be difficult to find forever homes for them. I've been very lucky that Brigitte was able to take Tigger and my other missions have been single tails which have been easy to home in people's ponds.

Taking them to a shop is problematic as they will be wary of taking potentially ill or diseased fish and even if they do have them they may well be sold on in to
innapropriate conditions again (sadly most goldfish are never homed in adequate conditions)

It would probably be most realistic to offer them temporary accomodation and make contact with fish rescue organisations to have them..

It seems that people who love goldies are usually fully stocked and people who don't understand their needs are unwilling / unable to put in the necessary investment.

A very wise fishkeeper one reminded me that there are goldfish needing rescue around every corner and you can't save them all.

My temptation would be to make them safe, but realise that finding homes may be tricky.