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Re: What would you do??

Subject: Re: What would you do??
by maccy_g on 15/11/2011 23:19:48

Too much hassle to return them to a shop?!? Sounds like a diamond bloke....

To be honest if I were you I'd immediately take them off his hands, sure ok 110l isn't the ideal size of tank for them but it'll be like an ocean to them in comparison to where they've been living currently and it would get them through till the New Year at least.

Once the New Year comes around you could then donate them to a local, reputable fish place (who may even give you a credit note for your trouble if the fish are well) or, if you've become attached to them you could look at upgrading the tank for them.

Overall, anything has got to be better than those poor fish spending any more time with that guy....or in the sewer.

Good luck! Hope it works out!