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Re: What would you do??

Subject: Re: What would you do??
by suey2 on 15/11/2011 23:17:23

Well, I'm a soft touch for a goldie in need so I'd probably take them. But I'd also tell him what I thought of his flushing plans, once I'd got my hands on the fish Personally I think the flushing is a ruse to get someone else to deal with his problems but on the off chance he might be serious ...

At least if you take them you have time to find a proper home for them if he can't be bothered to You don't need to keep them

I'm not sure I'm being much help! I don't mean to influence you one way or another, I've decided not to rehome fish in the past when I could have done in an emergency. I just felt that in those cases there were other options and as it turns out the owners have sorted it out without me having to take on a fish I didn't really want but would have taken had I needed to Does that make any sense?