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What would you do??

Subject: What would you do??
by Silverfish on 15/11/2011 23:08:27

Hello all!

A guy in work came in to me today and asked if I knew anyone who wanted some goldfish. He has 3 in a tiny tank and wants to get rid of them, I told him to return them to the shop but he said it's too much hassle and he wants to flush them!

I told him if he's considering that then he can give them to me if it comes to that.

All I have spare at the moment is my 110L that I'm using to grow up my batch of baby apple snails, and these are 2 telescopes or black moors, and one 'other'. He said they were expensive but they sound stunted for being a year old :/

I really can't bear the thought of these fishies going down the toilet, and I'm thinking that even my 110L would be a better alternative, until I can find a shop that will take them.

What would you guys think?