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Re: Cherry Shrimp Problems

Subject: Re: Cherry Shrimp Problems
by Anonymous on 27/10/2011 23:42:22

Thanks for your help, Noodle. How much bicarb should I add, or where could I buy the Equilibrium at a good price? Also, do I use both, or one?
I will probably make the water changes about 9.5l per day (easy to dose with aqua plus).

Is there anything else I can do now? Eight of them are acting normal (including a 2mm baby I spotted before), while the same two are still odd. The really bad one has turned very pale white, including its eyes, and is continually twitching on its back, while the less affected one lies on its back sometimes and swims erratically when disturbed. It is now resting on the bogwood. Are they both goners, or are they just moulting from the stress of the move?