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Re: Cherry Shrimp Problems

Subject: Re: Cherry Shrimp Problems
by Fishlady on 27/10/2011 20:32:58


Guitarhero84 wrote:

Is ammonia the most likely cause? I fear I may have to find the shrimps a temporary home in my community tank and cycle this one again, but I have no doubt that I will have to protect them from the angelfish if I do.

Thanks for all your helpful advice; hopefully they'll all pull through.

Ammonia will be the major cause, but the hardness will need addressing for their long-term health. You can probably deal with the ammonia by doing daily 25% water changes with pre-warmed, treated water until the level drops back to 0, especially as they may be at a higher risk in your community tank. The extra aeration will help them too, and feed very sparingly until the ammonia is under control.