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Re: Cherry Shrimp Problems

Subject: Re: Cherry Shrimp Problems
by Fishlady on 27/10/2011 20:28:03

Had a look for water quality in your area and found the average gH is 40 mg/l and carbonate hardness is 32 mg/l which in German degrees (what we use in fish keeping) is gH less than 3 and kH less than 2. The water is very soft indeed and both gH and kH need raisng for the shrimp as they extract minerals from the water to maintain and build their exoskeletons.

As you have a planted tank, a hardness compound such as Seachem Equilibrium will be your best option for gH as it is designed to also assist plant growth. You can raise the kH with bicarbonate of soda, but need to do it gradually as it will raise pH too. Adding some ocean rock or limestone or coral sand to the tank will help buffer the water too, and you'll need to add the Equilibrium and bicarb to the fresh water when you do water changes so the tank sits at a steady level.

You need to get the gH up to about 7dGh or 125 mg/l and kH up to around 4dKh or 70 mg/l. You'll need a kh/gh test kit to do that.

A couple of other things - they need acclimatising very gradually over a couple of hours or more, so if you didn't take that long, do so next time. Make sure the water you use in the tank is from the direct mains supply, not the cold storage tank (if you have one) and to warm the water use water boiled in a kettle rather than from the hot tap (unless you have a gas combi-boiler that heats water instantly). This is because copper can accumulate in water that sits in a tank.