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Re: Praying Mantis Care

Subject: Re: Praying Mantis Care
by Brigitte on 15/10/2011 17:18:42

Mantis has been safely installed in my old 21L fish tank! And has already had his first meal in there!

The tank exceeds the biggest size recommendations I could find and he has lots more to climb on now. Was a bit worried that it was 'too big' - a lot of the websites say that as a 'sit and wait' predator a tank too large will decrease his chance of his prey stumbling across his path...but he had no trouble spotting his locust and homing in on it slowly before making a lightning strike. So I am confident he will not go hungry!

Felt a bit bad for the locust though - he ate it from the back end so the poor thing lived through most of the slow eating process

Thanks again for the links!