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Praying Mantis Care

Subject: Praying Mantis Care
by Brigitte on 15/10/2011 12:16:06

Not sure if anyone on here keeps these? A friend's daughter has come home from a pet shop with a praying mantis in a plastic bottle with a stick in it! Now I have come across plenty of these in the bush in South Africa, but have no clue about their needs in captivity!!

Can anyone point me in the direction of a decent caresheet for these? It is not a baby, length of my hand already. Also, it apparently moulted this week, but the wings and wing covers are all curled up/mangled looking! Lack of humidity during the moult maybe? I was thinking about giving them my old 21L hexagonal fish tank as this poor thing is cooped up in that bottle, like one of those plastic sweet jar type bottles, with mesh over the lid, looks far too small?

But any advice would be great, don't want to rely solely on Google and end up in the same position as most newbie fish keepers!