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Re: Please help blood patches on beloved goldfish

Subject: Re: Please help blood patches on beloved goldfish
by sjyay78 on 8/10/2011 23:07:55

unfortunatley the filter i had with the tank broke so i had to replace it with a spare which was the sting ray and because it had been out of the water for so long ( about a year) i changed the carbon filter and the stone filter bits. I know you should only do 50% but this was unavoidable due to the other filter breaking , bit of a nightmare i just hope it cycles quickly it doesnt help that one of my fish is sick . what filter do you suggest i get for a 60 litre tank ? should i just let the water alone now or do another 10% change . The fish were so small when i got them i would say there bodies are 2 1/2 inches not including there lovely tails . they have always been happy and disease free until this week . I have had water testing kits i just havent had a chance to get one this week as i am on nights so i do realise that this is an essential kit just been caught out this week . Do you suggest any medication for muran or shall i just let the water be while the filter cycles .