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Re: Please help blood patches on beloved goldfish

Subject: Re: Please help blood patches on beloved goldfish
by Jellybean on 8/10/2011 21:49:29

Hi welcome to FK.

When you added ?new bits? to your filter I assume you mean the media! If so did you change all of it in one go, or did you change 50% to keep the bacteria colony?

Have a look at the second link under my signature strip on the life expectancy of fish; if your fish are three years old they should be touching 5? now.

Tank size and filter capacity is everything with goldies, they are loveable fascinating creatures but are unfortunately the biggest poop makers going which is why they need uba filtration, unfortunately the sting rays are sadly lacking when it comes to goldies.

The test kit advised by Ella already is an essential piece of kit for any fish keeper so I suggest investing in one. The problem with your fish is very likely down to water quality/filtration.