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long distance ID no pics

Subject: long distance ID no pics
by cathie on 4/10/2011 17:27:58

Aargh one of my daughters is at uni, her flatmates found an abandoned 2 foot tank in the flat and decided to have fish. She hid the tank from them (on the basis they would not do things properly and she felt the weight of responsibility descending on her) - they found it again and have now installed some fish. she has checked filter is running, water dechlorinated etc and told them they need a bigger tank so now thank heavens they have found a 4 foot tank on freecycle which they can get shortly, and she has got an ammonia alert I sent her displayed prominently in the tank, with a bottle of prime on its way.
But they dont know what these fish are grr
Her description is like small goldfish with black spot on tail so I think they must be rosy barbs, but before I issue definitive instructions can anyone think of anything else they could be? Tx ....