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When is it appropriate to return a fish to the main tank

Subject: When is it appropriate to return a fish to the main tank
by paddington on 11/9/2011 14:50:25

Hi I've been treating a Bolivian Ram in quarantine for the past week initially with melafix (did nothing, not sure this ever does anything useful for sick fish) and then a combination of esha 2000 and esha exit. Symptons were mainly flashing against the substrate, some lighter patches on the skin and fins looking ragged. I believe it was stress brought on from harassment by the dominant male (who has since paired up with the other female in the tank, spawned and are tending to a group of 20 or so free swimmers).

She appaears to have made a full recovery - no more flashing, skin looks healthy. The final esha treatment was yesterday.

When would it be appropriate to return this fish to the tank? She's actually going to be united in a spare tank with another displaced ram, a sub dominant male from the main tank who is chilling out by himself so he isn't unduely harrased (or indeed harassing them) by the mated pair as they defend their young.