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Re: Axolotl advice

Subject: Re: Axolotl advice
by akaike on 2011/7/29 18:37:52


Onyxia wrote:
Ive been told not to use sand or gravel for axolotls as they might try and eat it.

That's what I thought as well, but I've been doing a little research about it. Apparently sand is fine as a substrate for axolotls as it causes little to no impaction when they accidentally swallow it. The only thing that I have been warned away from using is small gravel.


Gingerbread_Gem wrote:

I just switched my betta tank to sand, apparently some can make the water quite dirty but I used tesco play sand and its perfect, only gave it a quick rinse and it settled really quick, so thought I'd let you know :D ?3 for a 10kg bag, or 2 for ?4

That's good to know - even better since I work for tesco. It's not glamerous, but it pays for all the fishy related purchases I will have a look tonight to see if I can get any.