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Re: Interesting Test Results (IMO)

Subject: Re: Interesting Test Results (IMO)
by Fishlady on 26/7/2011 15:56:34

Just an update to this. I left the cups standing until today, and have been testing every so often. There have been no further pH changes, but the two cups with gravels in have both risen gradually in hardness each day.

At the start, all four cups were at gH 10. After 24 hours pH in three out of four was up from 6.6 to 8.2 and to 8.4 in the fourth. Both gravel containers had gone from gH 10 to 11 in 24 hours.

Today, 5 days after the cups were filled, one of the gravel cups reads gH 13 and the other gH 15. That one is rising 1 degree a day - it's Dorset Pea gravel.

Needless to say, neither of these gravels will be going in my tanks