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Re: Stocking an indoor pond?

Subject: Re: Stocking an indoor pond?
by _simon_ on 16/7/2011 15:41:14

Afraid the fancies don't appeal to me. Perhaps I'd be better posting in the fishy section rather than the pond one.

Just found the answer to my stocking question though.

This site says
Common Goldfish:
40 gallons (48 US gallons, 180 litres) for the first fish with an extra 12 gallons (14 US gallons, 55 litres) for each extra fish. The tank needs to have a minimum length of 4 feet (120cm) to allow swimming room. Single tail goldfish are more suited to a pond when they are near full size to give them swimming room.

So if my maths are correct that would mean:

1300L (my pond)
- 180L 1st fish
= 1120L

1120L / 55L = 20.36, rounded down to 20 fish + 1st fish = 21 common goldfish?