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Re: Stocking an indoor pond?

Subject: Re: Stocking an indoor pond?
by _simon_ on 16/7/2011 14:35:02

GH = 10
KH = between 3 and 6 (hard to tell)
PH = between 7.6 and 8 (come up as a light pink)
Temperature is anywhere from room temp to whatever it needs to be as I have 2x 500w titanium heaters. My other indoor pond which is at room temp is reading 20C

As to what tropicals I've tried. I moved my fish from my tank to the pond. Since rehomed my Silver Dollars as they were too thin from above to be seen properly. Rehomed my Tiger Oscar as he was mostly black from the top and vanished in the black pond. At the moment I have some polypterus in there which are fine to see but do very little except sit on the bottom.

I've looked at rays but they're very pricey and can be quite sensitive. Also looked at big snakeheads, giant gourami and arowana but personally I think they'll just get too big.

Edit: seems I can't embed photobucket pictures?