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Stocking an indoor pond?

Subject: Stocking an indoor pond?
by _simon_ on 16/7/2011 14:17:44

I have a 6' long x 4' wide x 2' deep indoor pond. It's 2' deep all over by the way. Works out to just shy of 1300L and I'm filtering it with a Hozelock Aquaforce 4000 solids pump and a Hozelock Bioforce 5500 pressurised filter with UV clarifier. I also have 2x 1200 lph power heads for aeration and water movement.

At the moment it's set up for tropicals but I've been slowly selling them off as I'm just not happy with the stocking. The problem I have is that decent sized tropical are either pretty inactive or aggressive and need to be kept alone.

Now, whenever I go to a garden centre and look at the pond fish they're always on the go which is what I want - a nice active, busy small indoor pond. The problem is though that they sell them small and I'm not up on coldwater fish so I'm not sure what grows to what size and what pond size requirements they have.

Is anyone able to tell me what I could put in my pond that would be ok in there for life and would give me the busy active look I'm after?