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Re: 550L Now Cycled! But how should i introduce my two Orandas?

Subject: Re: 550L Now Cycled! But how should i introduce my two Orandas?
by maccy_g on 21/6/2011 14:45:06

Wow, 550l - that is my dream tank.

Out of curiosity what filtration are you using? I am planning (although it'll be quite a way down the line) to get a 500l tank for my Orandas to replace my 200l but I keep umming and arring over what filtration to use.

I use an Eheim 2217 on the 200l so my original idea was to purchase an Eheim 2260 and partner that with the Eheim 2217 on the basis that the 2260 can do the biological filtration and the 2217 I'll fill with sponge & wool to handle the mechanical filtration & polish the water.

However I am now seriously considering installing a sump when I get this huge tank as the added benefits of the additional water volume / being able to hide equipment in there / easier water changes etc make it seem so appealing, not to mention the possible ??? saved on having to buy an Eheim 2260 and extra power that would demand.

Sorry for the long message but as you've just setup a tank and keeping the same fish as myself I couldn't help but ask.

P.S Are you just keeping 2x Orandas in there? If so they are going to get massive, great work