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Re: Best way to keep Herons away?

Subject: Re: Best way to keep Herons away?
by Fizz on 2/6/2011 14:01:12

My parents have a pond and suffered from herons pinching the fish for many years. They worked out a three pronged attack which seemed to work:

1) The rather dodgy looking, but perhaps useful plastic heron by the pond. It puts herons off, as they don't like competition apparently

2) A fine net mesh over the entire pond. They had a wire fence around the pond anyway so it raised the netting above the pond, so there was room for the aquatic plants to grow and frogs and other wildlife could still access the pond through the wire fence. I know this doesn't look lovely, but herons are crafty and a partial netting doesn't necessarily deter them in my parents' experience.

3) They planted heavily around the pond - pampus grass mainly which obstructs the view for a heron flying over. Rocks and plants around the pond also provide good coverage for frogs and toads if you are wildlife inclined.

Hope this helps. It is really good to think about this now whilst setting up the pond, as there is nothing worse than losing your fish this way. As a small child I remember being devastated that all my goldies had been eaten. And then the next door neighbours gave us some of their fish, and they got eaten too. Following that massacre, my parents worked on a heron proof pond.

The last goldies died of old age very recently. My parents have decided not to re-stock and have turned the pond over to wildlife. They have a very large proportion of newts apparently