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Re: Best way to keep Herons away?

Subject: Re: Best way to keep Herons away?
by Ella on 2/6/2011 13:49:28

Hi Steve

I am in the same position as you, we are just digging out too!

I have been scouting round the net, and most options have people who say it works, and others that say it doesn't

The plastic heron ( I so wanted one... ) seems iffy.

A net either over the pond (if not huge - ours will be reasonably modest), or around the edge (as someone I now know has) seems to be a good option. Will a net affect the plants you put in though ?
I went to Maidenhead Aquatics on Monday and they also recommended this - other option was tripwires round the edge (sure he said use angling wire/thread).

Can 'Pondies' please advise what they use, I am like Steve, waiting with bated breath !

Good luck Steve !