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Re: What is Live Rock?

Subject: Re: What is Live Rock?
by Coralline on 6/4/2007 0:25:25


BreadBoy wrote:

Just as a quickie question without going off topic too much in here for too long, I have 2 x T8 bulbs in the hood - 1 marine white and 1 marine actinic blue. I'm thinking of getting a luminaire with 4 x T5 bulbs. This would, I assume, be better for keeping the polyps?

yeah that lighting would be better for polyps, but your tank setup isnt right for coral really, they need a reef rock system the bio filteration you are using will produce too many nitrates etc for corals even easy ones like mushies and corals, if anything i would just get some pieces of live rock that just have a few small bits on and see if they do any good, if they do ok, then you would know it was worth spending more on anything nicer, but the lights you have will be ok for corals that dont require too much light, i have t8 bulbs, but its only a shallow tank, so everything is close enough to tehm! so if you put something fairly high up and it does ok, then consider upgrading lighting then. coz theres no point getting better lighting if your tank wont support corals.