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Re: What is Live Rock?

Subject: Re: What is Live Rock?
by BreadBoy on 5/4/2007 18:00:21

Thanks Coralline

I'll leave it alone then - I can do without any more problems. My tank has settled down nicely now, as it was before my ammonia spike. I'm not going through that again.

I'll stick to buying some nice mushrooms and polyps on live rock in a couple of months, so as not to overload it.

The tufa rock has some algae growth - not a lot yet, but it's looking quite nice, and being light in colour makes the tank brighter too.

For anyone else interested, I found this site with reasonably priced live rock, which I'll now not be using!

http://www.1st4aquatics.com/index.asp - 5kg Fiji cured live rock - £49.99 delivered.

Just as a quickie question without going off topic too much in here for too long, I have 2 x T8 bulbs in the hood - 1 marine white and 1 marine actinic blue. I'm thinking of getting a luminaire with 4 x T5 bulbs. This would, I assume, be better for keeping the polyps?