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Re: What is Live Rock?

Subject: Re: What is Live Rock?
by TheDragonLord on 27/4/2008 20:08:31

Re fish only systems

if you want a bit more colour then try going for TMC plastic rock, it looks more lifelike than tuffa/ocean rock yet doesn't go live any more than normal rocks as its hollow and you just need to cable tie it into formations it's alright stuff

Re live rock in a cycling tank

theoretically you can add fish straight away after cured rock has gone in as it's "cycled" at the fish shop to get rid of the die-off from transport, meaning you stick it in your tank, wait a few day just to make sure the levels are correct and you can in theory add a hardy fish or 2 to the system or some crabs or something to keep the beasties in the rock feeding

to check if it is alright or if it has died off just give it a sniff, if it smells ok it's most likely ok, if it smells bad then it's not fully cured or has died off somewhat