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Re: What is Live Rock?

Subject: Re: What is Live Rock?
by Coralline on 4/4/2007 22:18:04

yeah you shouldnt use live rock and normal bio filtration, the biofiltraion would be competing with the rock for nutrients, and the rock wont do its job properly.
20kgs of live rock wont be cheap, and if your running a fish only tank with a normal filtration system theres not much point shelling out so much - its so expensive because its live and if you wont be using is as filtration, its an expensive decoration! also adding a lot of live rock to your system will cause it to cycle again.
i you want some live rock for aesthetic purpoese just buy a few nice pieces and put them on top of the rock you already have. the tufa rock will eventually colonize with algaes and stuff the same as the live rock so you wont notice it in a few months. i would also leave the bio media in your system, filling your canister with live rock rubble would only be better than the bio balls if you were using live rock in the main tank too.