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Re: What is Live Rock?

Subject: Re: What is Live Rock?
by BreadBoy on 4/4/2007 21:58:39

I have a question which is probably best suited in this thread......

I have a fluval 305 filter running my 200 litre tank. The tank is 10 weeks old.

I want to get some live rock in the tank, but have read (in this thread mainly) that it isn't good to have a bio filter and live rock.

I have a fish only tank, but would like some live rock (20kgs or so) to bring some more life to the tank, and it looks nicer than the tufa rock I have currently.

Would it be better to replace the bio balls in my filter with small pieces of live rock, to act as the filter media?

I assume it is safe to leave the foam pads in the filter if I were to do this?

Also, would it cause problems if I were to add this much live rock at once, or should I do it more gradually, and if so at what rate?

Hope that made sense!