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Re: HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!!

Subject: Re: HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!!
by Johan on 25/4/2011 10:23:47

Hi, sorry for a late reply. By the sounds of it your terrapin has a bacterial infection.

I am also a little bit concerned about the gravel in the tank as it is very possible that it may have swallowed some which will cause a blockage in its intestines. Either use sand or very fine gravel.

What lighting do you have in its tank and also are you coating the food in calcium powder? They also need a piece of cuttlebone (which they bite pieces out of) as an additional source of calcium. As for the lighting, I think it is UV-C (or UV-B)(can't remember which) which will stimulate the natural production of vitamin-D while they bask. There is also a commercial vitamin additive you can put in the water with each water change (which should be weekly).