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Re: HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!!

Subject: Re: HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!!
by Anon on 15/4/2011 22:41:56

Can he get out of the water? If not you need to take him out. Terrapins spend a lot of time out on dry land. Allowing him to stay in the water will only make him worse, he needs to bask in some kind of warm heat. He needs this to help his body generate vitamins and minerals he/she requires.

If looked after properly Terrapins should live 30 - 40 years and grow to the size of a dinner plate. Terrapins are better off in a heated pond not a small tank. If kept indoors a 200 litre tank with rocks sticking out of the water for him to climb out of the water onto is the minimum tank size.

Terrapins are omnivores and eat all types of plant and animal foods like fruits, vegetables, grasses, flowers, fishes, snails, worms, insects, etc. Although they are sold as pets for children they are far from that, they are very delicate creatures and need a lot of looking after and very precise care and management.