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Re: HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!!

Subject: Re: HELP. Our Terrapin is really sick!!!!
by Violet on 15/4/2011 18:57:10

Hi Scarlett, sorry to hear that the terrapin is poorly

I'm no Terrapin expert but I know they are very dirty pets being poop machines and that they need fairly powerful filters to keep the water fresh and safe. Do you have any water tests you do like ammonia at all? Sitting in dirty water long term won't do his skin/scales any good and some toxins are clear do I wouldn't rely on clarity of water.

Terrapin Rescue had a good website and I noted this

Swollen Eyes: This condition often results from vitamin A deficiency and complications from bacterial disease. The immune defenses of the eye membranes often become weakened by vitamin A deficiency, making the eyes very susceptible to bacterial invasion. Treatment of this condition involves injections of vitamin A and an appropriate antibiotic. Prevention involves feeding a balanced diet

He does sound very poorly indeed and his diet seems a bit limited I'm afraid but I know one of our members here, Johan keeps Terrapins. I'll pm him now to see if he can offer some words of advice