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Re: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!

Subject: Re: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!
by 2010 on 16/4/2011 23:58:26

You really should empty and clean the pool and get that filter up and running before you do anything else. (Nice choice of filter and pump by the way)
As for adding duckweed most people spend their lives trying to get it out, not adding it. (As you found, it multiplies very fast)
I also get the impression you are not sure what to believe, ie who is right.
Plants V no plants etc.
I shall explain. A lot of Japanese koi farmers do indeed have ?soil? in the water this is because the ponds really are natural, no fibreglass pools, no filtration etc, (Some places you can?t see the fish because of the amount of soil in the pond) But what is often never mentioned is the water to fish ratio.
In a ?European koi pond? its not unusual to have very high stocking levels, koi produce a lot of waste (and I mean a lot) the ?European? way to compensate is to have a lot of filtration, but as I mentioned Japanese koi farmers basically have big natural ponds with ?few fish?
Or to put it another way, you live in a house, you can never leave the house, never. All food etc is brought to you, you live a happy life. Er, I ?forgot? one thing, there is no toilet, you will be ok for a while but then what? It?s the same for your koi, without the filter????

Please also read (again) the post about UV?s

One other thing, koi are a ?very fussy? fish, that?s also why you should have nothing else in the pool, it eliminates any potential problems. If properly looked after koi will take food from your hand.