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Re: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!

Subject: Re: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!
by Waterbeetle on 16/4/2011 11:36:40

Many thanks for your expert advice 2010,

It may not seem it, I did actually read up on keeping Koi before I bought them and there seemed some ambiguity on how to keep them, some said a murky muddy pond (as previously mentioned with mud/clad thrown in) was their natural habitat, I placed stones over the base of the plants & they all seemed to do well. (No, I didn't know they took in oxygen at night) The other side advocated a clear pond so the fish could be kept lets say in artificial conditions with no plants & if I remember correctly some chemical additions. I must say I followed the former as is clear from my monologue. The 13 fish actually survived for over a year before dying over a few weeks (the last 3-5 died all in one week).
I respect and will follow your advice if no others advocate trying something different.
Something I forgot to mention: Before the fish started to die I introduced some duckweed from my water butts, this soon proliferated and almost covered the pond quickly, I use a net occasionally to try and keep it down somewhat, my analysis was that this may be the problem,that by covering the surface it assisted with shade for the fish but may have stopped the oxygen getting into the pond or/and may have been poisonous for the fish? I have also varieties of freshwater snails.

Thanks for the links I will read with interest.

Filter: Filtoclear 15000
Pump: Oase Aquamax 16000
Airiator: Superfish Koiflow 20

I'm obviously throwing every last thing at this problem before taking your very valued advice.