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Re: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!

Subject: Re: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!
by 2010 on 15/4/2011 23:34:37

Hello Waterbeetle, welcome to the best part of the forums.

It seems that if there is something you should not do for a koi pond, sorry, but through wrong choices, you have done it, but let us turn it around for you.

First of all I would suggest that you completely empty the pond, and give it a good clean (Hose, dustpan and brush, no chemicals, or you can use a pressure washer if you have one as it?s a GRP pond)
The reason being, as EagleC said the filter should be running 24/7 (More about filters later)

Oxygenating plants do indeed give out oxygen by day, but did you know they take it in at night? I would therefore suggest that they go on the compost pile, along with all the other plants, the other reason being that healthy koi will eat plants, turn over any soil they are in which in turn clouds the pond.
As you will also be emptying the pool sadly you should evict the frogs, because in mating season, a frog can kill a fish (That?s not to say they will, but its not unusual) In fact as you have frogs and plants why not make another small ?natural pond? and put them in this.

I would also suggest you read the following articles, and if you have any questions, ASK, but do take pictures as you start and as you go, and post them here.

Koi Ponds

UV and bio filter

I also ask what size is the filter and pump? (If you don?t know the size, make and model will do)