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Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!

Subject: Disaster, lost all 13 koi last year and colony of frogs!
by Waterbeetle on 15/4/2011 11:25:07

Hi all,

New member here, so hello to one and all.

I'm turning to you guys and gals for emergency help please! Not a good starting point I'm afraid as I'm already starting to loose the fish I re-introduced to my pond last week!

History: 4 years ago I had a fibre-glass pond built 3m x 2m x 1m deep. Have only filled it up once and never cleaned it out. (I was trying to adopt a natural ecology balance as my thought process was that lakes do not get cleaned out yearly) I had a pump & filter system in place which has been used little as my initial readings on keeping Koi were that a clean pond is not the best environment and it was good to even introduce mud/clay into the pond which I did. Plants have all become well established including bull-rushes, also water snails and water boatmen are all in there. I introduced Koi into the pond and lost them initially and do not know why. After some time I introduced more Koi, up to 13 in fact. Last year they even performed at mating and I had eggs ! None hatched. I lost my big white Koi first of all back in early summer but couldn't find him and still haven't (heron is doubtful, a cat did take two or three though & left them on side of patio, heads missing, yuk!) I noticed one fish had a diseased fin and should have taken him out straight away but didn't as thought it was damage by other carp. They all eventually died by late summer 2010. My initial thoughts were that they were suffering a lack of oxygen (I had lots of oxygenating weed in place) as I could pick them up by hand and were drowsy or just sick? The frogs done very well last year. When the ice melted this year I found all the frogs dead. I was however really glad when I spotted the frog spawn a few weeks ago and since then I've spotted 3 large frogs in the pond. Last week I introduced 5 goldfish as a trial and alas I fished one out today who was still alive but on his last fins. Others seem drowsy and I could pick one up by hand. There's an oily slick on top of the pond which seems to come and go. I suspect some kind of poisonous weed or plant that I've introduced but am completely stumped. I've turned the pump and filter on to get the oxygen levels flowing. Here endeth this monologue and hope someone can shed some light on the cause of this disaster. Thanks