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Re: What's the best home for my Clowns ??

Subject: Re: What's the best home for my Clowns ??
by HeidiRobin on 2011/4/5 11:25:48

They are T8's at 30w. Marin Blue and a Marin Day so not fit for corals, Don't want corals anyway hence why i've not changed the lightening other wise i'd have T5's. Everything in the tank is doing good and the clowns are spawning, I've got babies from hermits and snails or thats what they look like under a magnyfying glass, but they are getting bigger.

Water tests are as should be, not had any problams what so ever with the water from the very first moment I started it all.

You could say I eat, sleep and breath the tank, lol.. all though i'm still very much learning.

I know when we move house (when ever that will be in a year or two), I shall be getting a much bigger than with better lightening etc... and try my look with corals. But until then, was just wondering what will easily work for the Clowns in somewhere, where they can call their "pad", which won't do any harm in the tank or to the other things in it. And if there is nothing I can add, so bit it and i'll wait till I get moved. The fish are happy or seem happy with out having a "pad" of their own.