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Re: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools

Subject: Re: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools
by Biotope Aquatics on 5/8/2011 12:32:03


Critch wrote:
so would a pair of gold fish be okay in one of these ???

Yep. I'm sure you could accomodate 5 or 6 as long as the filter was upto the job. This may mean that you replace the one supplied with something more sunstantial though. I'd also bang a UV in there.

Infact add a big Eheim external filter full of Alfagrog, UV and chiller and I'd imagine they would be suitable for most conservatories during the summer months.

Size wise the 6 times length rule kind of goes out of the window also as the fish could maintain continuos movement due to it's shape.

You could also add a dwarf pond lily or two as they're usually 'goldie proof'.