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Re: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools

Subject: Re: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools
by Loobylou on 4/8/2011 13:12:52

Please don't be put off by some peoples comments (I can't figure out who ridiculed you),sometimes they forget that they weren't born natural fish keepers and only now know so much due to their previous mistakes as we all do. There are some genuinely lovely people on here who would never intentionally make you feel bad as well as some that don't think before posting.

Your pool looks lovely and is 100 times better than one I saw last week.It can't have been more than 3' x 1'6" and 6" at the shallowest end and 1" at it's deepest.There were at least 5 x 6" koi and 2 small comets and they were all gasping at the surface at it was a red hot day. There was no pump working as the waterfall was dry.It sickened me.

I'm sure you will do your best for your fish and look after them well