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Re: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools

Subject: Re: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools
by psymongreen on 30/6/2011 12:00:34

Me? On the naughty step? Never

Funny you should ask - I actually have the issue on my desk at the moment

I did drop the chap from Blagdon a PM, but didn't get a response. Oh well.

PFk were happy that you could keep goldfish in this but don't mention stocking levels.

...importantly for the PFK reader, you can sensibly keep fish in them.

In their example they suggested 2 common goldfish or 2 comets to start.

The last paragraph reads:

So what's the catch? Genuinely, there isn't one. I was a bit dubious about the windows at first, yet once set up you get a view of your pond and its wildlife that you wouldn't otherwise have, so I liked that too. Happy days!

Does that redeem me??