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Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools

Subject: Blagdon Affinity Feature Pools
by Ella on 31/3/2011 9:20:14

Hi People

Saw one of these set up last night in my lfs. They are very modern looking, and would look attractive on a patio, but are they a good buy ?

Will they cope with our winters, are they deep enough not to freeze (one is 0.8 deep, the other 0.6).

Will they get too warm on a patio in summer, being totally above ground.

They are 450 litres, is that really big enough ? Shop assistant said you can easily get 10 fish in

I posted last week on the How to build a pond thread, as we are considering a smallish pond - will probably still go down that route, but I am interested in peoples opinions - am standing well back

http://www.bradshawsdirect.co.uk/Brad ... rod=INAFF&cookie%5Ftest=1